Laurie Evans Testimonial

Rob was fantastic to work with during a tough rehabilitation period during an ongoing hamstring injury I had suffered from. His appetite and work ethic were second to none.

I have found that rehab and training can sometimes be tedious and mentally tough, but Rob made each day different and enjoyable for me.

His passion and knowledge for the sport shone through by identifying complementary programmes and exercises with my personal game requirements. His ultimate goal, progressing me to be better than I was before.

Laurie Evans
Sussex CCC
Lilly Mould Testimonial

Working with Rob from a young age helped me develop physically and mentally. He enabled me to unlock my off-court potential. This has transferred in to the on-court athlete I am today.

Rob’s words of wisdom, dedication and determination aid the improvement of everyone around him. He always went above and beyond to listen, demonstrate how to get the best out of every situation and show me there is always something to gain when you work hard.

Lilly Mould
Nic Pothas Testimonial

Rob is a fantastic person to work with. Having, in my opinion, an unrivalled understanding of leading a program, player physical development, treatment and return to play protocols. His patience with players of all skill levels is something that has always been greatly appreciated.

Rob has an excellent understanding of the game and how its physical requirements need to be adapted to the skill parameters. He has an ability to think creatively within his area of expertise, and his passion for the job makes conversations very easy and clear.

Nic Pothas
Assistant Head Coach, Middlesex County Cricket Club
Summer Yardley Testimonial

Rob helped develop me physically and mentally in a very short space of time and I was transformed into a fast, strong and stable athlete. Rob always went out of his way to find exercises or sessions which were suited to my body and my personality, which enabled me to love the process and the feeling of working hard.

Rob taught me to trust my body and be confident with who I was, and would always do his best to work with me and get the best out of every session.

Summer Yardley
Tennis Sports Scholar, Tyler Junior College, Texas
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